Beef Braciole (Italian Beef Rolls)

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Beef Braciole ~ thin slices of beef filled with breadcrumbs, cheese, prosciutto and fresh herbs, rolled then braised in Prego Farmers’ Market® sauce.There’s nothing snobbish about my wardrobe ~ jeans, tee shirts, warm, comfy sweaters and this time of year, cute boots. But there are two things I am a total snob about. One is nachos (for the love of all things Mexican — load them up!), the other is pasta sauce which should always taste like the vine-ripened tomatoes, garlic and basil used in it were picked at just the right time from the nearest farm. I’m already a fan of Prego Farmers’ Market® sauces. Awhile back I shared my 20 Minute Asparagus Tortellini Marinara recipe featuring Prego Farmers’ Market® sauce. Today, the heat is blasting inside and the wind is whipping outside so I’m going slow cooker, comfort food all the way with Beef Braciole (Italian Beef Rolls) ~ thin slices of sirloin filled with a delicious mix of seasoned breadcrumbs, two kinds of cheese, prosciutto and fresh herbs, rolled tightly then braised in Prego Farmers’ Market® Classic Marinara. Oh man . . .the aroma alone will get you.


Apple Cider Honey Crisp Sangria

Apple Cider Honey Crisp Sangria ~ semi sweet, tangy cocktail filled with all the great flavors of fall and a hint of ginger.

Appetizers and Beverages | October 21, 2016 | By

It’s Friday. Fri-yay. Last week we made a trip to the cider mill and of course bought a jug of fresh cider and a bag of just-baked, still-warm donuts. Cider and donuts go together like peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, Derek and Meredith. All but one donut vanished almost immediately (my husband called ‘dibs’ on the last one to reheat with his coffee in the morning) and though I could have bought more donuts I figured what better way to kick off the weekend than with Apple Cider Honey Crisp Sangria ~ a sweet, tangy cocktail filled with great fall flavor.


Easy Chicken Dijon

easy chicken dijon

Main Dish | October 19, 2016 | By

When my kids were growing up they loved Chicken Divan ~ boneless chicken, Green Giant frozen cheesy broccoli, a can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, more cheese, all baked into creamy deliciousness and served over a bed of rice. Even my husband loved that dish. How often does it happen everyone is on the same page plate? I could almost hold my breath in the time it took the make it ~ ideal for nights there were after school activities. Even though I no longer shuttle to and from soccer, cheerleading and drama practice, somehow our lives are still busy! Easy Chicken Dijon is a grown up version with fresh mushrooms, herbs and the rich, bold taste of Dijon mustard and guess what? It’s ready in under 30 minutes and loaded with so much flavor you won’t even miss the cheese.


Skillet Lasagna

Easy Skillet Lasagna - cheesy, tomatoey, decadent made all in one skillet. Serves 2 or generously serves 1 with enviable lunch leftovers.

Main Dish | October 17, 2016 | By

Sometimes life just isn’t fair ~ like that unwritten rule that you can only make Lasagna ~ cheeeesy, tomatoey, pasta goodness when (A) you’re expecting a football team for dinner (B) you’re prepared to hear “who else is coming for dinner?” and “are you trying to kill me?” or (C) you’re okay eating Lasagna for a week straight. Every. Single. Night. Throw out those rules because now there’s Skillet Lasagna, made completely in just one pan with every bite of cheeeesy, tomatoey decadent pasta goodness as it’s big brother but in a 1-2 person serving.


Minestrone Italian Sausage Soup

Minestrone Italian Sausage Soup. Packed with vegetables in a rich, tomatoey broth enhanced with the addition of Sweet Italian Sausage.

Main Dish, Soup | October 14, 2016 | By

It’s been raining here for several days ~ ugh ~ and the forecast is for several more days of heavy rain. I shouldn’t complain (though obviously I am) because thank God there aren’t experiencing hurricanes or flooding in these parts. Still, it’s bone-chilling leaving me with little no desire to go to the grocery store, but on the upside, it does bring out my creativity ~ as in what can I make with what’s already here? The idea for this Minestrone Italian Sausage Soup recipe is part freezer, part pantry, part end of the year garden. It’s hearty and packed with veggies in a rich, tomatoey broth, enhanced with the flavor of sweet Italian sausage and a downpour (you’ll excuse the pun) of grated parmesan raining down on each bowl.


Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes

Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes, rustic, creamy, cheesy enhanced with fresh sage. The perfect side dish. Make up to a day ahead for easier entertaining.

Side Dish | October 12, 2016 | By

There’s no denying fall is here and it’s not just because of All Things Pumpkin. It’s in the cool crisp air too which means sleeping with the windows wide open (at least for now), so not only did I finally swap out my summer clothes for the heavy winter stuff, I also swapped out summer recipes for some fall comfort food and these Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes are at the top of my list. They’re (sigh) epic (some may say lick your plate) good. . . and just in the nick of time. . .


Easy Pumpkin Banana Bread

Easy Pumpkin Banana Bread with Blue Diamond Toasted Coconut Almond topping. Moist, delicious, goes perfectly with morning coffee or tea.

Breakfast | October 10, 2016 | By

I’m probably dating myself by saying Fannie Farmer was the first cookbook I ever owned. There may be a whole generation that’s never heard of Fannie since she’s never had her own cooking show or line of pots and pans on QVC. But Fannie has some good recipes, like her Banana Nut Bread that I’ve made countless times when I’ve bought too many bananas. I’ll intentionally buy extra bananas knowing they’ll become too soft to eat and I’ll have to (twist my arm) turn them into Banana Bread. Like a lot of people this time of year though, I’m in the midst of all things pumpkin, starting with pumpkin coffee creamer and ending with pumpkin scented hand soap. If it’s a sickness, it’s one I don’t want to recover from so when I realized I had a few brown speckled bananas, this Easy Pumpkin Banana Bread with a toasted coconut almond topping was born. Grab a cup of coffee with your favorite creamer and pull up a chair. You’re going to love this one. . .


Blue Cheese Bacon Caramelized Onion Dip

Blue Cheese Bacon Caramelized Onion Dip: tangy sour cream, sweet caramelized onions, bacon and the bold sharpness of blue cheese. What every party needs.

Appetizers and Beverages | September 30, 2016 | By

I don’t need a good dip to enjoy potato chips; they stand alone as one of my favorite snacks, though you’ll never see me turn away a good dip. I’ve bought more tubs of prepared French onion chip dip than I care to admit to. I’m a fan of “Crack Dip” too ~ the latest dip circulating on Pinterest. It’s called that for a reason. Blue Cheese Bacon Caramelized Onion Dip takes dips to a whole new level. I had it in a restaurant and from the first bite I knew I would recreate it when I got home. ASAP.  Like yesterday. The restaurant served it with their own salt and vinegar chips, but if you don’t care for the tang of vinegar, thick ruffled chips will get the job done or even a few fresh veggies. Tangy sour cream, sweet caramelized onions, bacon and the bold sharpness of blue cheese is so good you’ll want to eat it by the spoonful. . .


Key Lime Pie

I kid you not, this is the best Key Lime Pie, thanks to a secret ingredient that enhances the flavors. It whips up quickly and is a proven winner.

Dessert | September 26, 2016 | By

Some of the best Key Lime Pie I’ve ever eaten is from Publix in Florida. Seriously. It’s made in their bakery and it’s smooth and creamy with just the right amount of tangy lime flavor, real whipped cream and slivered almonds around the edge. We escape to Florida every winter to relax with family, soak up some sun, swim in the Gulf and probably eat more Key Lime Pie  than should be legal. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Publix within several states of me, but whenever I get the chance to have a slice, it reminds me of warm breezes, swaying palm trees, Jimmy Buffett music, salty air and the sun on my face.


Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese, the perfect marriage of two all-time favorites, spicy buffalo chicken and creamy macaroni and cheese.

Main Dish | September 23, 2016 | By

Fall is officially here along with my favorite weather, sweaters and jeans, cider and donuts, better hair days thanks to less humidity and of course comfort food like big pots of soup, creamy mashed potatoes with savory gravy and my personal fave, mac and cheese. Last week Caprese Sliders were born out of two summer delights, the grilled burger and a Caprese salad. This week I combined two foods I never, ever say no to: buffalo chicken and macaroni and cheese and together they became Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. This dish. . .oh man. . .elbow macaroni and chicken in a creamy, cheesy, spicy buffalo sauce topped  with blue cheese and bacon ~ yes bacon too! ~ and Pankow breadcrumbs for a little toasted crunch. . .