Saturday in Detroit

Some Gouda Times | June 15, 2015 | By


Hello! Hope you all had a good weekend. I spent most of Saturday in Detroit. . .in the ‘D’, as they say with a childhood friend and fellow Detroit-lover. We don’t agree on everything, but what we do agree on is that Detroit is. . .full of life. . .full of fun things to do. Detroit is.back. Not coming. It has arrived.

Our first stop on Tour de Detroit was Indian Village Manor, a riverfront high-rise apartment building built around the 1920’s, now gone condo where she lived many years ago . . . think Sex & the City — young career women, living, dating, indulging, thriving in the big city. Indian Village Manor is on Jefferson, a short drive from Belle Isle and worlds away from what many people think of when they imagine life in the City of Detroit (oh and shhhhh, we talked our way inside the guarded, buzz-entry building – yay!). 

We continued our tour onto Belle Isle where the Scott Fountain greeted us in all her splendid beauty.

indian village 16Belle Isle is another Detroit treasure that if you haven’t been — or been recently, go. It’s safe, clean and quite simply, amazing. . .reminiscent of fountains you’d see in Europe. Though not crowded, you won’t be alone on Belle Isle. The banks of the Detroit River are spattered with fishermen, you’ll share the roads with bicyclists and other motorists eager to see the sights and of course, there are plenty of boats along the River to check out.

After snapping a few pictures (we needed more time!), we wound our way (after asking for directions OFF the island — yes, we are those people!) further along Jefferson into the city where we parked, bought tickets for the Tigers vs Indians game, imbibed on a delicious, fruity concoction of Jungle Juice at Cheli’s, indian village 13 then headed inside to root on our beloved Tigers! Unfortunately, though we cheered, clapped, whistled, ate not only Ball Park hot dogs but nachos too! — our Tigers sadly went down in a 5-4 defeat — we still you Tigers! All in all, it was the kind of day you don’t want to end with the kind of person you want to keep doing this stuff with well into your 80’s. . .and I think we will. . .’cause, well. . .we’ve got it.

Annnnnd . . . my friend made two men smile like they were 5 years old on Christmas morning (don’t go there) when she found their car keys on the ground near where we parked and returned their keys to them. At least that’s how we saw it. Our husbands (two men who share a gift of cynism) agreed when we relayed the story later that those car keys may not have belonged to the those men. Hmmmm. . .guess you could still say we made their day.

More later on Sunday Funday dodging torrential rain for an afternoon at the Detroit Institute of Arts. I’d love to hear where your plans took you this weekend