Zac Brown’s Southern Ground

Some Gouda Times | March 2, 2015 | By

zb skeleton 2 So we’re on a road trip, my husband and I to a land far, far away where wind chill factors are as common as unicorns — a land without heated seats or 4-wheel drive. My niece, a fellow foodie and ZB devotee suggested while en route to this land we make a stop at ZB’s Southern Ground,  ‘cause when in Rome Georgia, you simply must partake in some fiiiiiine southern cuisine. Now my husband has a very conservative palate so when I described ZB’s menu as ‘eclectic southern’, his brow furrowed. He suggested we eat ‘regular’ barbecue’ and then pretty much firmly planted his feet  in the Georgia clay.

A few hundred miles, some bartering and okay fine, I admit— the teensiest bit of pouting later, we arrived at ZB’s Southern Ground. Can I get a high five? We discovered a hip, fun atmosphere and the décor — well, it made you want to pull up a stool with the guy at the piano! We couldn’t wait to dive in! Drinks were served: Bud for my husband and a French Matador Margarita zb margarita with fresh grapefruit juice and cilantro for me. This pink beauty could make anyone forget about the long Michigan winter! We also munched on a creamy, yet still chunky tangy, citrusy guacamole with just a hint of garlic (mmmm) while we waited for the main event.     

zb sandwich I chose the ZBBLT, an amped up BLT: perfectly crisp maple-pecan glazed bacon – oh baaaaby, fried green tomatoes (I’m practicing saying it with a southern accent), topped with romaine and a peach aioli on toasted whole grain. I paired it with Papas Con Chorizo — potatoes with spiiii-say chorizo. . .and oh so yummy.

Now perhaps you’re wondering what my conservative-palate husband ordered. A burger? Nope. He embraced . . .dare I say it . . . he welcomed southern cuisine, ZB style and chose the Carne Asada tacos (I’m so proud!): tequila-marinated skirt steak, topped with garlic sauce, pico de gallo, and arugula in corn tortillas. Whaaaaat?and loved it. Our one mistake – we passed up homemade peach cobbler! I woke up this morning not with a tequila hangover, but filled with regret. Life lesson: Do not pass up dessert. Ever. Especially if it’s peach cobbler and Sweet Jesus, especially if it’s made by someone with a southern accent. ZB’s Southern Ground is well worth the diversion off I-75 and even worth plowing through traffic in downtown Atlanta which moves about as quickly as kidney stones pass through . . . well, you get the picture. Enjoy y’all!