Apple Cobbler

Apple Cobbler recipe ~ easy, traditional from scratch. Loaded with fresh apples bursting with fall flavor and covered with a simple cake topping.

Dessert | September 16, 2019 | By

Apple Cobbler recipe ~ easy deep dish dessert, loaded with fresh apples bursting with fall flavor baked with a simple cake topping.

Contrary to the flavor of my coffee this morning, it’s not only pumpkin season but apple, too. Of course, apples are available year round, but they reach their peak season and their best flavor in the fall.

So ~ dare I say it ~ let’s shelve the pumpkin at least for today and make Apple Cobbler. Less work and fuss than pie and very bit as delicious.

Deep dish, loaded with fresh tangy and sweet apples bursting with all the flavors of fall (except pumpkin!) and covered with a simple cake topping. Serve it up with a scoop of ice cream and even a little caramel topping. Pumpkin who?


Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

How to make Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese with tender chicken in a creamy, spicy 3 cheese Buffalo sauce + bacon and blue cheese.

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Easy, creamy, spicy Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese recipe ~ lightly seasoned with ranch, blended with 3 kinds of cheese for maximum creaminess and cooks all in one pot.

Buffalo chicken, meet macaroni and cheese. It really is a match made in heaven. This is one recipe my kids both love. The last time I made it when they were over, one daughter stood at the stove and ate it right out of the pot with barely a breath between bites.

The other has been “encouraging” me to make it again but only a weekend so she can come by and have some, too. I can’t argue with that logic.

Bottom line, if you love classic spicy buffalo wings and creamy mac and cheese, this is your recipe. But don’t wait for someone to make it for you ~ learn how to make Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese yourself. Cheesy, creamy and spicy.  A must for mac lovers. 


Best Salisbury Steak

the best salisbury steak and rich mushroom gravy over creamy mashed potatoes

Dinner | September 8, 2019 | By

Best Salisbury Steak recipe ~ seasoned ground beef patties seared then simmered in rich mushroom onion gravy. Serve over mashed potatoes or egg noodles for an easy any night comfort meal.

Homemade Salisbury Steak is a total comfort food favorite at my house. I first shared this recipe almost 3 years ago and it’s been tried and loved by many readers since. If you’re already a fan of it, don’t worry ~ I haven’t changed a thing. It’s still classic, comfort cuisine

This is not the Salisbury Steak of your childhood, provided you grew up like I did. That said, I actually liked those TV dinners in divided foil trays. Making sure my food didn’t touch was a big thing then (still is).

This version comes complete with seasoned ground beef patties pan seared for extra flavor then slathered them in rich mushroom gravy. If that says comfort to you, read on and check out the video that shows how to make Salisbury Steak.


Pumpkin Spice Muffins – 5 Ingredients

Pumpkin Spice Muffins with just 5 INGREDIENTS including a cinnamon-sugar topping. Loaded with pumpkin flavor ~ an easy, no fail muffin recipe.

Breakfast | September 5, 2019 | By

Pumpkin Spice Muffins from just 5 INGREDIENTS including a cinnamon-sugar topping. Loaded with pumpkin flavor ~ an easy, no fail muffin recipe.

To know me is to know that by this time of year you’ll find pumpkin spice creamer in my refrigerator for at least the next couple of months. Naturally, Pumpkin Spice Muffins couldn’t be far behind and with just 5 ingredients, they’re a must for anyone riding the pumpkin spice train. 


Marry Me Chicken with Pasta

marry me chicken with pasta closeup on grey platter

Dinner | August 26, 2019 | By

Marry Me Chicken with Pasta ~ tender chicken in a creamy irresistible sauce with tangy sun dried tomatoes, earthy mushrooms and fresh herbs blended with fettuccine. This easy 30 minute recipe loaded with flavor.

What the heck is Marry Me Chicken? I’ll admit when I first heard the name I wondered too but at the same time thought hey ~ the 1950s called and wants their recipe back. 

The original Marry Me Chicken recipe (not to be confused with Ina Garten’s Engagement Chicken) pairs bone-in chicken thighs with a creamy sauce. The photos looks delicious but my first thought was that a sauce so amazing it had so many people talking practically begged to be served over pasta.

That version is also a slower cook method requiring more time. Marry Me Chicken with Pasta in 30 minutes? Challenge accepted. 

This is my 30 minute version making it a great weeknight option that’s (trust me on this) gourmet enough to entertain with.

So where did the name came from?


Air Fryer French Fries

small silver bucket of golden fries

Dinner, Side Dish | August 23, 2019 | By

Air Fryer French Fries ~ the BEST hand cut air fried crispy French fries using just one teaspoon of oil are easy to make. Less fat, less calories, more flavor.

Do you have a special fondness for French fries from the fair or amusement park? Crispy, golden outside, fluffy inside, salty. Mmmm. 

This post is all about how to make French fries in an air fryer including how thick to slice the potatoes, how long to cook them and tips for getting the golden, crispy fries we crave. 

Air Fryer French Fries cook in just a few minutes in just one teaspoon of oil. I seasoned mine with ranch (which I personally think should have its own food group), but if you’re going for a classic taste, just season with salt. 

Read on for all this must-have kitchen appliance can do! From French Fries to Chicken Taquitos to spicy wings and lots of other game changing meals, party snacks and even desserts.


Cowboy Queso

cowboy queso overhead in cast iron skillet

Appetizers & Beverages | August 16, 2019 | By

Cowboy Queso Dip ~ warm spicy dip loaded with two kinds of cheese, chorizo sausage, black beans, corn, tomatoes and fresh cilantro with a squeeze of lime for that extra burst of flavor. Easy to make; the ultimate appetizer. Serve with tortilla chips.

There are two words that really say indulgence when it comes to recipes: southern and cowboy. Southern ~ as in Southern Style Biscuits or Southern Fried Chicken. Cowboy ~ as in Cowboy Caviar, Cowboy Spaghetti or this recipe for Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies published by ~ who else? ~ Southern Living.

This recipe is the ultimate dip recipe for fans of anything cheesy . . . and spicy. It whips up quickly and because it contains Velveeta, the silky, creaminess of the dip holds up as long as there’s dip in the bowl. 


Basil Chimichurri

grilled chicken skewers with basil chimichurri drizzled over top

Dinner | August 12, 2019 | By

Basil Chimichurri ~ delicious bold fresh herb sauce made in the blender. The ideal topping to take your chicken, seafood and steaks to the next level.

If you’ve reached a point this summer and gotten a little bored with burgers and dogs then I have the solution. This Basil Chimichurri with its fresh, bold flavors will ramp up grilled shrimp, fish, chicken or steak taking them from ho-hum to “where have you been all my life?”.

Maybe the best part of this recipe is that the main ingredients (parsley and basil) can be found at your local farmer’s market – one of my favorite places to wander on a Saturday morning with a big to-go cup of coffee. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, hit up some farm stands and make this show stopper Basil Chimichurri.


How to Grill Pizza

Dinner | August 6, 2019 | By

How to Grill Pizza ~ thin, lightly crispy-charred crust topped with tangy tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, farm stand tomatoes and homegrown basil. Learn how to make grilled pizza to tastes like the wood-fired from your favorite restaurant.

I’m going to tread lightly on the topic of pizza because I know most of us have very strong opinions when it comes to what (and who) makes the best pizza.

I only started making homemade pizza about 4-5 years ago when I bought my first pizza stone and had never even  taken my oven to 500°. Grilled pizza on our Weber without the stone came later. 

The intimidation factor of grilling pizza is what took me so long to give it a try but it really is easy. I’m not a trained chef but a home cook like you who also happens to be a food blogger. That means I cook a lot ~ and I’m willing to make mistakes in my kitchen so that you’ll have success in yours. I learned how to grill pizza and with the instructions and tips below you can too.


Blueberry Nectarine Cobbler

scoop of cobbler topped with ice cream in a white bowl

Dessert | August 1, 2019 | By

Blueberry Nectarine Cobbler ~ deep dish dessert, loaded with fresh tangy blueberries and sweet nectarines bursting with flavor and covered with a simple cake topping.

Is it just me or is summer flying by? It was such a rainy spring and early summer here so most of the crops were delayed. As a result, I’m taking full advantage of every tasty one of them now! 

This deep dish cobbler is a delicious blend of slightly tangy blueberries and sweet bites of nectarine covered with a simple cake-like topping. Naturally, we added a big scoop of ice cream ~ it is summer after all. Whipped cream would be really good, too. Such big decisions . . .