Marry Me Chicken with Pasta

marry me chicken with pasta closeup on grey platter

Dinner | August 26, 2019 | By

Marry Me Chicken with Pasta ~ tender chicken in a creamy irresistible sauce with tangy sun dried tomatoes, earthy mushrooms and fresh herbs blended with fettuccine. This easy 30 minute recipe loaded with flavor.

What the heck is Marry Me Chicken? I’ll admit when I first heard the name I wondered too but at the same time thought hey ~ the 1950s called and wants their recipe back. 

The original Marry Me Chicken recipe (not to be confused with Ina Garten’s Engagement Chicken) pairs bone-in chicken thighs with a creamy sauce. The photos looks delicious but my first thought was that a sauce so amazing it had so many people talking practically begged to be served over pasta.

That version is also a slower cook method requiring more time. Marry Me Chicken with Pasta in 30 minutes? Challenge accepted. 

This is my 30 minute version making it a great weeknight option that’s (trust me on this) gourmet enough to entertain with.

So where did the name came from?