Air Fryer French Fries

small silver bucket of golden fries

Dinner, Side Dish | August 23, 2019 | By

Air Fryer French Fries ~ the BEST hand cut air fried crispy French fries using just one teaspoon of oil are easy to make. Less fat, less calories, more flavor.

Do you have a special fondness for French fries from the fair or amusement park? Crispy, golden outside, fluffy inside, salty. Mmmm. 

This post is all about how to make French fries in an air fryer including how thick to slice the potatoes, how long to cook them and tips for getting the golden, crispy fries we crave. 

Air Fryer French Fries cook in just a few minutes in just one teaspoon of oil. I seasoned mine with ranch (which I personally think should have its own food group), but if you’re going for a classic taste, just season with salt. 

Read on for all this must-have kitchen appliance can do! From French Fries to Chicken Taquitos to spicy wings and lots of other game changing meals, party snacks and even desserts.