Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup

bowl of crockpot chicken enchilada soup top topped with fritos, sour cream and lime wedge

Dinner | November 9, 2019 | By

Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup ~ assembles easily in 5 minutes. Loaded with bold flavor, chunks of chicken and lots of creamy, melted cheese. Better than the restaurant version. Load it up with your favorite toppings!

We love enchiladas and order they pretty routinely in Mexican restaurants, though we’re a house divided on beef vs chicken. Since I’m doing the heavy lifting today, you can see who won. Full blown enchiladas are labor intensive. A good weekend dinner – yes but for quick weeknights, there are better options.

Creamy Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup has all the flavors of Chicken Enchiladas but you can have it prepped and ready for slow cooking in just 5 minutes. When it’s finished cooking, just shred the chicken and blend in the cheeses.

Spicy, creamy, cheesy and as easy to make as any restaurant version, but better. Way, way better.


Beef Enchilada Dip

Beef Enchilada Dip ~ spicy ground beef + cheese, black beans, tomatoes, green chilies and enchilada sauce, topped with more cheese and baked 'til bubbly.

Appetizers & Beverages | January 29, 2019 | By

Beef Enchilada Dip ~ spicy ground beef, cheese, black beans, tomatoes, green chilies and enchilada sauce, topped with more cheese and baked ’til bubbly.

The Super Bowl is almost here. Maybe that means you’ll be hosting a few friends and their appetites. Or maybe you got lucky and just need to bring a dish. Something other than your shining personality, though bring that too. Someone has to be the life of the party after all. 

The fact is you should must bring something crowd-approved and usually that means bold spicy flavor, like this Beef Enchilada Dip.

Classic wings are probably already covered, so if you’re serious about bringing your A-Game, I highly recommend Beef Enchilada Dip  . . . or a batch of Jalapeno Poppers. Or both.


Homemade Enchilada Sauce

Homemade Enchilada Sauce ~ authentic Mexican flavor with just 10 minutes hands on time. Take your enchilada recipe to the next level.

Dinner | August 28, 2018 | By

Homemade Enchilada Sauce ~ authentic, classic Mexican flavor with just 10 minutes hands on time. 

I’ve made Enchiladas lots of times using canned sauce and eaten them even more times in restaurants. I’m pretty sure the deep, rich flavor of the restaurant sauce didn’t come from a can. 

It wasn’t until we had a bumper crop of jalapenos (because how many poppers can you eat?!)  that I decided to make my own. This recipe almost as simple as opening a can, but better. So much better and with the bold, authentic flavors you crave. 


Salsa Verde Enchiladas

Salsa Verde Enchiladas packed with pork Carnitas OR rotisserie chicken, topped with creamy salsa verde sauce & cheese baked until golden brown.

Dinner | May 2, 2017 | By

Salsa Verde Enchiladas packed with pork carnitas or chicken, topped with creamy salsa verde sauce plus extra cheese and baked until golden brown.

Today I’m turning one of my favorite appetizers, Chicken Salsa Verde Dip into an actual meal. I don’t mean an appetizer that I eat as a meal something I *may* or *may not* have done. 

Salsa Verde Enchiladas are rolled tortillas filled with deliciously seasoned pork Carnitas I made the other day in my slow cooker (otherwise known as a 2 for 1 meal) slathered in an easy, creamy sour cream-salsa verde sauce then topped with as much cheese as I feel like because that’s just one of the perks of cooking at home, then baked until they’re all golden and gorgeous with gooey melted cheese and lightly crisp edges.

No Carnitas? No problem. You can easily use leftover or even a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store with equally delicious results.