Mexicali Dip

bowl of dip surrounded by tortilla chips

Appetizers & Beverages | October 15, 2019 | By

Mexicali Dip ~ super easy 4 ingredient warm spicy, creamy cheesy dip. This delicious appetizer whips up in under 5 minutes in the microwave. Serve with tortilla chips and watch it disappear!

This simple, practically addictive cheesy Mexicali Dip recipe has been in our family so long I don’t even remember who first started making it and have no idea where the recipe came from. Now that it’s on the blog there’s a good chance someone will come forward.

It whips up in under 5 minutes, contains just four simple grocery store ingredients and the use of a microwave oven. Grocery stores sell a cold dip they call Mexicali. This is not that dip. This gooey melted cheese Mexicali Dip is best warm and way, way better than the stuff in the stores.

If you’re a football fan (or just a fan of game day food) or already thinking of what you’ll bring to your family’s holiday dinner, give this recipe a try. There won’t be regrets – or dip – left. 


Sausage Wonton Cups

Sausage Wonton Cups ~ wonton cups filled with cheesy sausage blend and baked until crispy for the ultimate and easiest appetizer.

Appetizers & Beverages | September 28, 2017 | By

Sausage Wonton Cups with VIDEO~ wonton wrappers filled with a delicious cheesy, crumbled sausage blend, baked until crispy and the cheeses melted. The ultimate easiest, tastiest appetizer.

A few years ago my niece brought one of the best appetizers I’ve ever eaten to a family gathering. I wasn’t the only one who ate more than their share (you know who you are). The whole tray of them disappeared in minutes. 

Some appetizers are more geared toward women, while others are more to the guys‘ liking.  Sausage Wonton Cups start with wonton wrappers formed into min cups filled with sausage and cheese and baked until crispy. They’re hearty, delicious and an all around crowd pleaser. 

My niece went home with an empty tray and bragging rights for the best appetizer.