Tomato White Bean Soup

Tomato White Bean Soup: thick tomatoey broth infused with herbs and packed with beans and vegetables including superfood spinach.

Soup | January 14, 2017 | By

Tomato White Bean Soup: rich, thick tomato broth infused with herbs and packed with beans and vegetables.

This time last year I resolved (in a post no less) to stop wasting food. It’s so darn expensive, right? So I’m tackling this resolution again and I hope you’ll join with me. Kitchen comrades in arms, if you will.

A quick inventory revealed five cans of Great Northern beans (must have been one heck of a sale), a couple of cans of crushed tomatoes, two tubes of tomato paste, four containers of chicken stock, an almost empty jar of Nutella (oops), Uncle Ben’s 90 second brown rice, canned artichokes, a jar of pesto and way more I won’t bore you with.

Between the pantry and refrigerator, I had all the ingredients for this Tomato White Bean Soup. . . minus the Nutella (which makes a fine dessert all by itself). You know what they say ~ “happiness is hot soup on a cold day”.