Michigan Salad

Michigan Salad recipe inspired by the classic Michigan Salad, but updated with with farm-fresh ingredients and a homemade raspberry-champagne vinaigrette.

Dinner | April 11, 2017 | By

Michigan Salad, inspired by the classic Michigan Salad, but updated with farm-fresh ingredients, breaded and fried gorgonzola bites and homemade raspberry-champagne vinaigrette.

If you’ve ever travelled to northern Michigan, especially Traverse City you may have tasted a Michigan Salad (sometimes called the Michigan Cherry Salad). It’s A bed of greens, a bold cheese (usually blue), some dried cherries, apples, nuts and a vinaigrette dressing.

For $12-15 it can be yours in most restaurants there. For another they’ll include grilled chicken. Plus tax and tip. It’s really easy to make at home for a lot less so much I have a hard time shelling out that much for it.

Today I’m sharing my version along with a really simple raspberry vinaigrette dressing that may not change your life, but will make you very happy when you eat it. You don’t have to be from Michigan to enjoy this gem from ‘the mitten’.