Cucumber Dill Salmon

salmon filet topped with cucumber dill sauce + brussels sprouts

Dinner | October 17, 2019 | By

Cucumber Dill Salmon ~ pan seared salmon topped with a creamy cucumber dill suace. Light, easy, healthy weeknight dinner ready in just 20 minutes. 

Repost: recipe remains the same. 

With the holiday season coming, I really try to eat a little lighter before the onset of all the goodies. Emphasis: try.

That means incorporating recipes like this Cucumber Dill Salmon. Pan seared salmon, topped with a tangy, creamy cucumber dill sauce made all in the same skillet. 

Light, easy 20 minute healthy weeknight dinner so elegant you can easily entertain with it.

A few ingredients come together to form the cucumber dill sauce ~ sour cream, heavy cream and mayonnaise are not among them. 


Honey Teriyaki Salmon

teriyaki salmon filets over rice

Dinner | September 23, 2017 | By

Honey Teriyaki Salmon ~ easy stovetop recipe. Pan seared salmon topped with delicious 4-ingredient honey teriyaki sauce made all in one skillet. Dinner in under 20 minutes.

honey teriyaki salmon recipe A Gouda Life

My freezer is currently packed — and I do mean packed with salmon. You could say I’m up to my gills. I couldn’t resist.

Both the Honey Teriyaki Salmon and the rich glaze cook in one skillet. The whole dish comes together in just 20 minutes so it’s fast enough for busy weeknights, but its big bold flavor makes it gourmet enough for company.  


Honey Garlic Salmon

Easy Honey Garlic Salmon with browned butter sauce. Tasty! You've got to try this!

Dinner | July 15, 2016 | By

I don’t mind taking one for the team sometimes. I’ll gladly do it today for this Honey Garlic Salmon. That garlicky scent will linger on my fingertips long after the salmon is gone. I’ve tried different methods to get rid of the aroma, but even a couple of days after I can still catch a faint whiff. I’m totally okay with it because this salmon is well worth it. Browned butter, sweetened with honey, a bit of tang from fresh-squeezed lemon, some garlic and all of it infused with sage leaves. Pull up a chair for some delicious Honey Garlic Salmon and easy tips for how to make browned butter.


Crispy Salmon Recipe

crispy salmon recipe

Dinner | June 7, 2016 | By

Inspiration for new recipes is everywhere. I look for it in magazines, restaurants, on TV ~ though we said  goodbye to cable over a year ago so it’s limited and of course, from my family and friends. Last weekend my daughter was over and commented how “wasteful” all the crumbs at the bottom of the potato chip bags are. I had to laugh because when she was a teenager she didn’t consider a 45 minute shower wasteful and when “not me” left the TV on and went upstairs to take said shower, no one thought it was wasteful except me. So as I pressed my fingers together to snag the last teensy bit of potato chips from the bottom my favorite bag of barbecue chips ~ please don’t judge me – they were SO good — it occurred to me that maybe there is something productive I could with them other than just allowing them to stain my fingertips. My sister-in-law has been adding crushed potato chips on the top of her Cheesy Potatoes for as long as I’ve known her. Gloria’s Cheesy Potatoes are nothing short of amazing. Maybe even life-altering. Seriously, not a person on this entire planet would argue with that. So if she can do it with such rousing success, why couldn’t I do it with this salmon?


Spicy-Sweet Salmon

Dinner | November 11, 2015 | By

With all due respect to Three Dog Night (here I go dating myself again), One is NOT the Loneliest Number. Today I’m bringing you Spicy-Sweet Salmon, a single-serve meal that easily converts to date-night, girls-night, I’m-a-deer-hunter’s-widow-night or oh hey, work friends check out my leftovers turned lunch but pulleeease keep your hands off.